Saturday, January 15, 2011

Santa Cruz Parish Church (Sta. Cruz, Laguna, PHILIPPINES)

The Church of Santa Cruz is dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  It was built by the Franciscan Friars in 1608 under the supervison of the first parish priest of Santa Cruz, Laguna, Fr. Antonio de la Llave.

Eventually, the church was enlarged with the additional wings on both sides to form a cross in 1672.  The principal nave and convent was later on added in 1850.

On January 26, 1945, during the Liberation, the church was destroyed by fire, but was later on reconstructed in 1948 with the help of the 10th Post-war Executive Council of Santa Cruz through the initiative of its parish priest of that time, Rev Fr. Mariano Limjuco.


  1. Another beautiful church, Gary... I am so glad that you are sharing these beautiful churches with us. Love that altar. WOW!!!!

  2. I would like to have any information, contact or email to whom I can address any of my queries to this parish church as I was baptized here please. It would be a great help from you. Thanking you in advance

  3. the church is now turn over from salisians to diocesans and the school is from don bosco to liceo..

  4. Its just so sad that even though this church was built at the same time as that of the great colonial churches in the Philippines,,it's historical significance was diminished due to the fact that it was destroyed and rebuilt already,,an important aspect in which an old church such as this can only be elevated to as a historical shrine..I always wonder,,if this church had not been a victim to the ravages of war,,maybe this church will be hailed as one of the greatest.....